Yieldt consistently trades on the basis of fundamental and technical analysis.

Our analysts do extensive research on crypto projects and only invest in cryptocurrencies that are both fundamentally and technically competent. We don’t speculate, but analyse. We look at the intrinsic value that crypto projects offer and make data-driven choices.

Our analysts monitor
the market 24/7.

At Yieldt, we actively invest in the crypto market. This allows us to efficiently respond to the volatility of the crypto market. We continuously monitor macroeconomic developments and work with innovative and efficient algorithms. This allows us to respond to trends, exploit opportunities and minimize risks. With this effective and risk-averse strategy, we protect your assets and prosper in the long term.

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Selective and diverse portfolio management.

We are very selective in the cryptocurrencies that are in our portfolio. Therefore, our portfolio only consists of crypto projects that have been found to be fundamentally strong and ready for the future of the changing financial system. We spread your assets among different facets of the crypto market and minimize risk.

Yieldt has a medium-
to long-term vision.

Yieldt invests with a medium- to long-term view. We optimize allocations at upwards and downwards market momentum and trade following the market sentiment. We look at the crypto market rationally and do not take irresponsible risk.

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Safe and Secure.

Yieldt works with the world’s most trustworthy exchanges, Bitvavo and Kraken. These parties have been selected for their safety and reliability.

Bitvavo and Kraken take a comprehensive approach to protect your investments. For example, the majority of all cryptocurrencies are kept separate from the internet, at safe locations in bank vaults. In addition, they offer financial stability, with full reserves, healthy banking relationships and the highest standards of legal compliance.

Nice to know.

In addition to Bitcoin, we also invest in many other promising cryptocurrencies.

In the event of an increased risk, we can temporarily close the positions completely. Standing on the sidelines and patiently waiting for the right opportunities is also part of our job.

We believe in the added value of the crypto market and therefore have a long-term vision.

Frequently Asked Questions.

We can imagine you still have questions.

Met het vizier op de lange termijn beleggen wij naast Bitcoin en Ethereum ook in vele andere kansrijke cryptovaluta. Hierbij kunnen we flexibel schuiven met verdelingen, als ook bij verhoogd risico tijdelijk volledig uit positie gaan. Aan de zijlijn staan en geduldig wachten op de juiste kansen hoort er af en toe ook bij.

Starten is al vanaf € 5.000,- mogelijk.

We willen héél graag, maar helaas bestaat er voor een vermogensbeheerder nog geen mogelijkheid tot een registratie of vergunning. Daarom werken we nauw samen met de Nederlandse exchange Bitvavo. Deze partij is uitgekozen op zijn veiligheid en betrouwbaarheid en staat onder toezicht van de Nederlandsche bank (DNB).