Yieldt's results

No fictional returns or fine print at Yieldt. We only show real returns, i.e., the return that our customers actually achieved.

Past returns are no guarantee for the future and the value of your investments may fluctuate.


YIELDT (oct.2020 until oct. 2022)


BITCOIN (oct.2020 until oct. 2022)


S&P500 (oct.2020 until oct. 2022)


GOLD (oct.2020 until oct. 2022)

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What are the costs?

We believe in growing together. That is why we like to keep costs as low as possible. One cost structure, including VAT and without hidden fees.

Cost overview:

Deposit costs (by deposit)

You pay a one-off 1% deposit fee (ex VAT) on every money or crypto deposit.

Service costs .

To keep the company running, you pay 0.25% monthly service costs (ex VAT), based on the value of your portfolio.

Profit compensation.

If we achieve good results for you in a given month, you pay us 10% of your profit (ex VAT). The rest is for you.

We also work with a high-water mark. You only pay a profit fee when we exceed your accumulated peak.

No surprises.

We send an invoice once a month. Pay by iDEAL, Credit or Debit card, Bancontact, Sofort or IBAN. You get the opportunity to withdraw any amount free of charge once a month. For a multiple monthly step-out, we charge a compensation of 1% (ex VAT) of the total amount to be withdrawn.

Frequently Asked Questions.

We can imagine that you still have questions.

After following the 3 steps in our registration form, you will benefit from the crypto market. And all this without waiting times and paperwork.

These 3 steps are:
1. Creating a Yieldt account
2. Creating a Bitvavo or Kraken account
3. Securing and linking both accounts

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The high-water mark can be seen as a performance fee that you pay to Yieldt. This is done on the basis of the high-water mark principle. This means that you only pay a performance fee if the returns have actually resulted in a growth of the total assets compared to the highest achieved balance.

We can understand that it is still difficult to understand and that is why we are happy to explain it further by means of an example.

An example calculation:

You have heard about Yieldt from a friend and decide to start on January 1 with a deposit of €10,000. The January profit is calculated from the previous position, in this case the starting amount of €10,000.

At the end of January, Yieldt managed to achieve a good return of 30%. The final position on January 31 is therefore €13,000. A difference of €3000.- compared to the starting amount. The 11.89% profit compensation is calculated on this. An invoice for €356,70.-.

The following month, February, €13,000 will be the starting point. Suppose that February turns out to be a lesser month and at the end of February the balance is at €12,000, then no profit compensation will be charged. After all, no profit has been made.

If the closing balance is at €15,000 in March, a profit compensation will be calculated on the difference of €13,000 and €15,000. Not from €12,000 to €15,000. After all, the fee up to €13,000 has already been paid.

Yieldt always provides its customers with insight into how the high-water market was established. This can be seen on a day-to-day level within the invoice for each month.

You are always free to withdraw money. You will be given the opportunity to do this once free of charge every month. For getting out several times in one calendar month, a fee of 1.189% is calculated on the total amount to be withdrawn.