• Highly volatile market makes a great opportunity
  • Understanding the psychology while trading is essential
  • Yieldt makes it possible to get into the crypto market without having to trade yourself.
  • Our customers sit back while we do what we do best.

The psychological game in the crypto market

In recent weeks, we have once again experienced how erratic the price fluctuations of the crypto market can be. Due to the increasing inflow of new investors and many cryptocurrencies fell by more than 60%.

The erratic price trend of the crypto market is a thorn in the side for many novice investors and traders. Often these investors are confronted with FUD. An English term that stands for: Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt.

With the volatility that the price trend can experience, individual investors are afraid to see profits evaporate, they become uncertain about the near future and doubt the chosen approach. Where FUD arises, we see that investors start making ill-considered decisions and thus fall prey to the experienced investor.

Why Yieldt’s customers don’t need to know feelings of FUD

Because Yieldt’s crypto experts are working around the clock to keep an eye on the crypto market, our customers can enjoy a good night’s sleep. As a customer of Yieldt, you can rely on us to keep a close eye on the market and to enter or exit on time from a risk-averse point of view.

In this way, we realize a return on your assets not only today, but also tomorrow.