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  1. January 2022

    Before using the service Botsinvest B.V., trading under the name of Yieldt (hereafter: “Yieldt”) offers, called “Crypto Managed Investments”, you have to indicate to have read this warning and to run the risks mentioned below. With your approval, you indicate to accept the risks.

  2. 1. What is Yieldt?

    Yieldt is the service that makes Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies available. Yieldt uses your account from an external exchange we work with to do so. At the moment this is available for Bitvavo and Kraken, hereafter called ‘exchange(s)’. To use Yieldt, you need to have an account at either of the exchanges. You can create your own account on either of the exchanges in which your own cryptocurrency is saved. With this account, Yieldt invests in cryptocurrencies on your behalf. Yieldt is not a fund and does not invest your money collectively. You have to send Yieldt the API keys to use this service. These API keys are only used to purchase and sell and to get information about your portfolio. The API keys do not grant access to your money. Yieldt cannot transfer money to you or use the money you keep in your Bitvavo account in a different way.

    Yieldt makes investment choices for you by means of Yieldt’s own market analyses and algorithm. The own analyses comprise, among others, fundamental, technical, legal and quantitative analyses.

  3. 2. Cryptocurrencies are risky

    Cryptocurrencies are risky products because they are subject to continuous, strong price changes. You could lose all your investments. You are familiar with, and understand, the risks of cryptocurrencies and acknowledge that you can lose the entire value of your investment.

  4. 3.Invest a maximum of 10% of your capital in cryptocurrency

    Because cryptocurrencies are new and risky, we discourage investing more than 10% of your capital in cryptocurrencies. Only invest in cryptocurrency with money that you can miss. Loans and cryptocurrencies are not a good combination.

  5. 4.Investments in cryptocurrencies are not supervised by AFM or DNB

    In the Netherlands, the service provision related to cryptocurrency is also not supervised by the AFM at the moment. Yieldt’s services with regard to Crypto Managed Investments are therefore not subject to the Cryptocurrency providers registration obligation (Art. 23b Wwft) of the DNB. It is therefore not possible for Yieldt to be supervised. Our partner Bitvavo is registered with DNB.

  6. 5.Technical disclaimer

    Yieldt is a relatively new service and adds new features to its platform on a regular basis. This could lead to technical problems.

  7. 6.Disclaimer term

    This disclaimer relates to the test period of the Yieldt service. Yieldt preserves its right to adjust, replace or stop the service provision at any moment. This warning does not replace or adjust the service agreement between you and Yieldt.


    Yieldt is a trading name of Botsinvest B.V. – CoC 76099571 Rotterdam