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Yieldt: 266%

(oct.2020 until oct. 2022)

Bitcoin: +112%

(oct.2020 until oct. 2022)

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    Risk averse in a promising market.

    With in-depth fundamental research, quantitative analysis and market-wide portfolio diversification, we invest risk averse in the promising crypto market. No speculative, but selective portfolio management.

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    Safe and

    With Yieldt, you grow your wealth in safe hands. We work with the world's most reliable exchanges, Bitvavo and Kraken. This ensures that your assets are safe, and your wealth is always easy accessible. 

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    With an eye for the personal relationship.

    We know you, you know us. With attention to the individual, we build a future together. We are there for you in good and bad times and communicate transparently. 

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    Traditional and new knowledge in one team.

    With traditional market and crypto expertise in one team, a team with years of experience works on growing your wealth. Yieldt combines traditional investment knowledge with innovative and data-driven algorithms.

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    Long-term and
    future-proof vision.

    Yieldt invests with a long-term view and believes that cryptocurrency, due to its ratio of return to risk, belongs in a healthy investment portfolio. With a risk-averse eye for change, we are ready for the future.

wie is yieldt

When you are transparent, you can build a relationship of trust. That's why you can always see how your assets are allocated in the personal online dashboard.

With trust in each other, we build the future together.

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Crypto Asset Management.

Active Asset Management.

At Yieldt, we actively invest in the crypto market. This allows us to anticipate on the volatility of the crypto market.

The volatility of the crypto market presents opportunities, but also carries risks. By actively investing in the crypto market, we can continuously shift with allocations. In this way, we can respond to macroeconomic developments, seize opportunities and minimize risk. With this effective and risk-averse strategy, we protect your assets and prosper in the long term.

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Safe and secure.

Yieldt works with the world’s most trustworthy exchanges, Bitvavo and Kraken. These parties have been selected for their safety and reliability. With Bitvavo and Kraken you are therefore assured that we invest in the crypto market in a reliable manner.